Sustaining Memberships

Please select a tax-deductible plan that suits your participation level and budget.

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$ 15 /mo

Ideal for fans

  • Voting privileges
  • Annual gift1. Eg. T-shirt
  • Post-match refreshments
  • Name on sponsor page


$ 25 /mo

Ideal for alumni

  • Everything in Supporter
  • Annual gift1. Eg. Polo
  • Indoor rugby & tourney fees
  • Club email account


$ 50 /mo

Ideal for small businesses

  • Everything in Partner
  • Annual gift1. Eg. Jersey
  • Website on sponsor page2
  • 1 free banquet ticket

Why become a Sustaining Member?

Sustaining memberships allow fans, alumni and small businesses to contribute to the club’s long-term development and goals, including a dedicated rugby facility. Each plan includes exclusive perks and is tax-deductible3.

When do I get my annual gift?

Annual gifts are typically distributed in mid-to-late March for all members as of the last day of February.

What is the benefit for small business?

Businesses that purchase the Sustaining Patron plan can place a link to their website on our Sponsors page.

These links provide signals to search engines like Google that can improve your websites position in search results. In other words, these links help with SEO.

1. Gift value will not be less than the cost of one months donation. Gifts are distributed each February for members subscribed by January 31st.
2. We reserve the right to only publish links to websites “in good taste” (Eg. gambling and adult websites are not acceptable.). These will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
3. Tax deduction will be approximately 70% of the subscription fees paid in the given tax year. All members will receive a tax receipt with the exact amount.