Membership Plans - Sevens Rugby

The Milwaukee Barbarians will be competing in 6 local and 3 regional or Qualifier rugby sevens tournaments this summer. To participate, please select either a Senior 7s (age 18 and older, non-student) or a Student 7s plan below.

If selected to play for the Qualifier team, there will be an additional charge of $60 per event (3 max). 

SENIOR 7s $31/month
STUDENT 7s $13/month
  • Paid per-event5
  • 3 extra tourney fees6
  • Selections-dependent
  • Accommodations costs7
  • Travel costs3
  • Gym access4
  • Members area access
  • Requires monthly plan

1 Entry fees for up to 6 tournaments.
2 One pair of official match shorts and socks will be provided and must be worn for all 15s and 7s matches. Does not include shipping costs, and does not apply to players who received match shorts and socks during the 15s season.
3 Fuel reimbursement with receipts for all cars carrying 3 or more players.
4 Members are able to attend the 6PM fitness class at the Milwaukee Fitness Assylum on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
5 Paid on a per-event basis pending selections. Requires an active Senior Sevens or Student Sevens membership. Send fee using our Venmo account @Milwaukee-Barbarians (be sure to include your name and payment reason in the description, i.e. John Doe - Qualifier Fee).
6 Entry fees for 3 Qualifier tournaments.
7 Hotel/motel reimbursement for pre-approved travel and rooms with 3 or more players.