9-8-2012 - A date that shall live in history

This past Saturday was a historic one for the Milwaukee Barbarians, having fielded three teams across two different cities. The Barbarians were distributed across D1 A and B side playing away against the Chicago Lions and the D3 side playing at home against the Oshkosh Mighty Pigs.

The Barbarians brought out unprecedented numbers to Chicago, traveling with over 30 players. Unfortunately, the formerly Super League Lions out matched the Barbarians defeating the A side 33 -8 , and also defeating the B side. Injuries to some key players and a lack of execution affected the Barbarians play in both games.

On the D3 side, a solid mix of old boys and active players fielded a competitive side against Oshkosh at home. The teams were evens matched throughout the game, being tied at half time. Unfortunately for the Barbarians, passing errors and a lack of team cohesion eventually cost them the game – losing 41 to 25. There were many individually impressive plays made by the Barbarians, but few made as a team.

On a whole, the weekend yielded a mix of disappointment and encouragement. Although the Barbarians turned up unsuccessful, the ability to field three distinct sides across two different cities speaks volumes about where the club is headed.