Milwaukee rugby newcomers the Barbarians choose new logo and shield

The Milwaukee Barbarians are excited to announce their logo and shield that will represent the team on the web site, print media, jerseys and other apparel.

Although the name Barbarians is commonly used rugby circles when multiple clubs come together, we wanted our logo to have a fresh look that symbolized Milwaukee and the Barbarians spirit. 

After a long, collaborative design process with the team we settled on the hammer and gear, representing the manufacturing employment base in the region but also symbolizing the hard, repetitive work required to produce a skilled rugby team.


The hammer was stylized as a war hammer to fit with a barbarian theme.

The logo is also a very simple design, allowing it to be instantly recognizable at any size .

The shield is a more formal stamp, primarily text-based with the letters M and B from the team name.

For colors we chose cornflower blue to represent the Midwest — and it’s agricultural roots — and silver to represent the metals common in the local manufacturing plants.

Barbarian logo and shield