Barbarians 61 - 36 Lake County (D4)

The Barbarians put their stamp on Division 4 Men's Rugby today with a runaway victory on the road over northern Illinois hosts, Lake County.

Standouts in todays match were Drew Palin with 4 tries and Steve Drobot with 8 conversions.

Scoring Summary

Drew (4T), Tyrel (2T), Hergert (2T), Chini (1T), Drobot (8C).


  1. Jason Plale
  2. Kyle Slick
  3. Eric Steinman
  4. Mike Rudy
  5. Chris Kenth
  6. Lake County*
  7. Wayne Cutler
  8. Drew Palin
  9. Tyrell Desmond Umeadi McGee
  10. Steve Drobot
  11. Todd Chini
  12. Ben Nirschl
  13. Trevor Hergert
  14. Joe Garcia
  15. Mark Tobin
  16. Lake County*

* With their Division 1 A- and B-sides on the road in Kansas City, the Babas borrowed 2 players from the hosts to complete the squad. Thanks Lake County, much appreciated!