Barbarians 19 - 13 Griffins (D1, A-side)

Today the Barbarians Division 1 A-side hit the road to battle long-time Chicagao rivals the Griffins in a tight, defensive match.

Despite the Griffins having home-field advantage, the Barabrains nothced their first win of the seaon with a narrow 19-13 victory.

Scrum-half JP Petfalski had a pair of 2 tries with the third touchdown coming at the hands of Trevor Hergert on the Wing. Nick Vigder converted 2 for 3. 

The Barbarians finally get on the board with a 1-2-0 record as they head to Kansas City next week to take on the Blues who are 1 match behind on the schedule with a 0-2-0 record. 

Socring Summary

Petfalski, 2T; Hergert, 1T; Vigder, 2 C.


  1. Joseph Kloiber
  2. Garrett Meyer
  3. Aaron Young
  4. Adam Thomas
  5. Ben Smith
  6. Ignacio Herrera
  7. Ryan Walzak
  8. Charlie Wagner
  9. JP Petfalski
  10. Nick Vigder
  11. Trevor Hergert
  12. Kevin Smyth
  13. Mark Fine
  14. Bartlett
  15. Mike Albert
  16. Joey Epping
  17. Jared Abt
  18. JP Kloiber
  19. Kyle Cwiklis
  20. Alex Koivisto
  21. Sam Huschen
  22. Steve Drobot