Milwaukee 10 - 45 Black & Blue (D4)

With the D1 squad away in Cincinnati, the D4 played cross-town rivals the Black-n-Blue in volatile weather conditions. 

The Barbarians played a tight match for most of the first but the the Black-and-Blue started to gain momentum and confidence late in the first half and started to run away in the 2nd half before game called due to lightning.

Scoring Summary

Tobin (1T), Rudy (1T). 


  1. Eric Steinman
  2. Jared Abt
  3. Ryan Ziegler
  4. Court Rape
  5. Chris Kenth
  6. Anthony Sims
  7. Nic Schadd
  8. Mike Rudy
  9. Joe Lorbert
  10. Matt Wozniak
  11. Tyrell McGee 
  12. Steve Drobot
  13. John LeCloux
  14. Mark Tobin
  15. Mike Reagles
  16. Jason Plale
  17. Kyle  Slick
  18. Joe Ohm
  19. Thomas Kloiber
  20. Will Leeder
  21. Joe Garcia