Milwaukee 20 - 10 Cincinnati (D1)

Today the Milwaukee Barbarians travelled to Cincinnati to take on the Wolfhounds. With a number of starters unavailable this week, the match was both a must-win and a test of the club's depth. 

In torrential conditions, the Barbarians acheived their goal with tries by Jerry Petfalski, Ignacio Herrera, and Ryan Duklas and a conversion and a penalty off the boot of Nick Vigder. Final score 20-10 for the visitors.

The win gives the Milwaukee Rugby outfit a .500 average and moves them up to spots to 5th place in the Divsion 1 Midwest Standings.

Scoring Summary

Petfalski (1T), Herrera (1T), Duklas (1T), Vigder (1P, 1C).


  1. Joseph Kloiber
  2. Garrett Meyer
  3. JP Kloiber
  4. Joey Epping
  5. Ben Smith
  6. Kyle Cwiklis
  7. Ignacio Herrera
  8. Ryan Duklas
  9. JP Petfalski
  10. Nick Vigder
  11. Zach Albert
  12. Kevin Smyth
  13. Trevor Hergert
  14. Robert Bartlett
  15. Mike Albert
  16. Mark Muench
  17. Paul Castillo
  18. Ben Nirschl
  19. Todd Chini