Milwaukee Rugby opens sevens season with huge win in Appleton

The Milwaukee rugby community got a huge boost today when local select-side team the Barbarians took 1st-place at Leinies 7s, the Rugby Sevens event held annually in Appleton, WI.

The rosters included:

  • Castillo, Paul
  • Culpepper, Brandon
  • Gitzlaff, Danny
  • Hergert, Trevor
  • Herrera, Ignacio
  • Huschen, Sam
  • Kloiber, Thomas
  • Koivisto, Alex
  • McCray, Alex
  • Reagles, Mike
  • Slick, Kyle
  • Smyth, Kevin
  • Talbot, Jason
  • Tobin, Mark
  • Vigder, Nick
  • Wagner, Charlie
  • Wiagbe, Gus
  • Williams, Sean
  • John Hickey (Coach)
  • Joe Cunningham (Manager)