2014-2015 Standings - USA Rugby Men's Midwest D3 - week 1

Team (Rank Change)WinLossDrawStreakPFPA+/-BT*BL**Points
Northern Conference
Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, WI) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+1)1001W29209105
Lincoln Park (Lincoln Park, IL) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+1)1001W23716004
Barbarians (Milwaukee, WI) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+1)1001W14122004
Black & Blue (Milwaukee, WI) (down-arrow-red-16x16px-1)0101L1214-2011
Celtics (Green Bay, WI)000N/A000000
Lake County (Lake County, IL) (down-arrow-red-16x16px-1)0101L2029-9000
Oconomowoc (Oconomowoc, WI) (down-arrow-red-16x16px-1)0101L723-16000
Southern Conference
Woodsmen (Schaumburg, IL) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+1)1001W65560105
Maoris (Fox Valley, IL) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+1)1001W342113105
Shamrocks (Manhattan, IL)0011D22220002
Exiles (Hobart, IN)0011D22220002
Condors (Chicago, IL)000N/A000000
Ravens (Rockford, IL) (down-arrow-red-16x16px-1)0101L2134-13000
Misfits (Hammond, IN) (down-arrow-red-16x16px-1)0101L565-60000

* A bonus point is awarded for each match in which the team scores 4 tries or more. 
** A bonus point is awarded for each match in which the team loses by 7 or less.

Above you'll find the results from week 1 of the USA Rugby Men's Midwest D3 competition.

Upcoming, Week 2 (13-Sep-2014)  

  • Oconomowoc (Home) vs. Celtics
  • Black & Blue (Home) vs. Lincoln Park
  • Barbarians (Home) vs. Fond du Lac
  • Condors (Home) vs. Condors
  • Exiles (Home) vs. Maoris
  • Misfits (Home) vs. Ravens

Scores, Week 1 (6-Sep-2014)

  • Fond du Lac (Home) 29 - 20 Lake County
  • Lincoln Park (Home) 23 - 7 Oconomowoc
  • Barbarians (Home) 14 - 12 Black & Blue
  • Woodsmen (Home) 65 - 5 Misfits
  • Maoris (Home) 34 - 21 Ravens
  • Exiles (Home) 22 - 22 Shamrocks