Late Barbarian surge not enough to to overcome Bucks lead in D3 semi-final

milwaukee rugby v bucks 2015 05 09

The Milwaukee Barbarians Division 3 national championship campaign ended yesterday in Green Bay, WI in round 2 of the post-season: the Western Conference semi-final vs. the Bremer County Bucks.

While the Barbarians dominated the scrums and were a continual threat with ball-in-hand, they were unable to contain the Bucks' midfield combination. 

The Bremer County centers caused problems for Milwaukee all day and scored or assisted in the Bucks stretching out to comfortable lead. 

In the final 20 minutes however, with Bremer County winded, the Barbarians found some extra fuel and narrowed the scoreline as the clock wore down. 

However, Milwaukee's efforts were not enough to catch the Bucks. At the final whistle, the score 50-33 in favor of the visitors from Iowa.

Today, the Bucks went on to defeat Green Bay in a close, hard-fought match to capture the Western Conference title. They move on to round 3 on May 16 where they will take on the Eastern Conference winner for the title of Midwest RFU champion and a trip to the National Sweet 16.


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