Top 10 Milwaukee Rugby events for 2014

The Barbarians were undefeated in Division 3

2014 was a great year for Milwaukee rugby. Here's a quick look back at our top achievements:

10. In August, we held our first-ever Milwaukee rugby bootcamp leading to excellent participation rates through the Fall season.

9. We promoted our Division 4 team up to Division 3. 

8. Prop Aaron Young was invited to attend a USA Eagles camp.

7. The Albert brothers had a appeared on the local TV news in a great special interest piece.

6. Travelled 24-strong to the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Rugby Tournament in Savannah, Georgia.

5. We refreshed our crest, made the Barbarians official by ratifying our first set of by-laws, and suited up in new jerseys, including a set just for 7s!

4. We held our 2014 awards banquet on a boat ... a frickin' boat!

3. Back Row Ben Landry was called up to the USA Selects squad for the Americas Rugby Championship.

2. We welcomed a new sponsor - Wisconsin Brewing Company, and welcomed back long-time sponsors Athletico and the Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin.

1. In Division 3, we went undefeated in all six league matches in the Fall and went into the winter break tied for 1st place