USA Rugby Men's Midwest (CR1) D1 2014-2015 standings - week 4

Team (Rank Change)WinLossDrawStreakPFPA+/-BT*BL**Points
Metropolis (Minneapolis, MN)4004W15688684020
Lions (Chicago, IL)2201L13698383112
Barbarians (Milwaukee, WI) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+1)2101W9066243011
Dragons (Davenport, IA)(up-arrow-green-16x16px+2)2102W978116109
Scioto Valley (Columbus, OH) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+4)1301W98131-33217
Griffins (Chicago, IL) (down-arrow-red-16x16px-3)1301L93149-56206
Blues (Kansas City, MO)1101L5559-4206
Wolfhounds (Cincinnati, OH)1302L82135-53105

* A bonus point is awarded for each match in which the team scores 4 tries or more. 

** A bonus point is awarded for each match in which the team loses by 7 or less.

Week 4 of the Men's Midwest Division 1 competition featured all eight teams in action with the Blues returning from a 2 week hiatus only to be upset by Scioto Valley. Playing at home after 3 consecutive losses, the hosts were up 18-5 at half-time. After the break, the blues scored 14 unanswered points to take the lead 19-18. A penalty to Scioto Valley saw them recover the lead which they held to the final whistle winning comfortably 40-26. This first win for Scioto Valley moved them a full 4 spots into 5th place as Kansas City struggle to move up the table with 2 games in hand.

The rest of the league went pretty much as expected with the Barbarians getting a confident 32-15 bonus-point win on the road over the Wolfhounds, the Dragons out scoring the Griffins 42-18 in Chicago, and Metro extending their perfect record to 4-0-0 with a 29-19 victory at home against the Lions.

Despite the loss, the Lions manage to hold onto second-place having played one more match than the Barbarians and Dragons who move up to 3rd and 4th place, respectively. 

Week 5 preview (27-Sep-2014)

After 4 weeks and 4 bonus-point wins, Metro has a strong grasp on 1st place and travel to Davenport to take on the Dragons. Expect Metro to travel strong and perform well, but take care to not underestimate the Dragons offense. Prediction: Metro by 10 points.

The Lions are on the road for a second straight week at home this week and are playing well this season. Expect the Blues to regroup this week and rely on their backs to put points on the board. However, the Kansas City forwards struggled in the set piece in Week 4, and defense was a big issue in the backs. Prediction: Lions by 8.

The Barbarians are back at home in Milwaukee to host Scioto Valley. Despite their dominance in week 4, Scioto Valley are 0-2-0 on the road while the Barbarians are 2-0-0 at home. Prediction: Bonus-point win for the Barbarians, 14 point margin.

Last but not least, we have the Wolfhounds hosting Griffins. This game will be the closest match-up of the weekend. The Wolfhounds defeated Scioto Valley easily in Cincinnati in week 1, and the Griffins only narrowly beat the same team when the Chicagoans were on the road in week 3. Prediction: Wolfhounds by 5 (Wolfhounds by 10 pending the red card outcome from week 3 (Matt Paki)).

  • Dragons (Home) vs. Metropolis
  • Lions (Home) vs. Blues
  • Barbarians (Home) vs. Scioto Valley
  • Wolfhounds (Home) vs. Griffins

Scores, Week 4 (20-Sep-2014)

  • Wolfhounds (Home) 15 - 32 Barbarians
  • Metropolis (Home) 29 - 19 Lions
  • Scioto Valley (Home) 40 - 26 Blues
  • Griffins (Home) 18 - 42 Dragons

Scores, Week 3 (13-Sep-2014)

  • Lions (Home) 43 - 19 Wolfhounds
  • Metropolis (Home) 36 - 26 Barbarians
  • Scioto Valley (Home) 27 - 29 Griffins

Scores, Week 2 (6-Aug-2014)

  • Griffins (Home) 31 - 48 Metropolis
  • Palmer (Home) 36 - 34 Lions
  • Wolfhounds (Home) 36 - 17 Scioto Valley

Scores, Week 1 (30-Aug-2014)

  • Metropolis (Home) 43 - 12 Wolfhounds
  • Lions (Home) 40 - 14 Scioto Valley
  • Barbarians (Home) 32 - 15 Griffins
  • Blues (Home) 29 - 19 Dragons