USA Rugby Men's Midwest D1 2014-2015 standings - week 3

Team (Rank Change)WinLossDrawStreakPFPA+/-BT*BL**Points
Metropolis (Minneapolis, MN)3003W12769583015
Lions (Chicago, IL)2101W11769483112
Griffins (Chicago, IL) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+4)1201W75107-32206
Barbarians (Milwaukee, WI) (down-arrow-red-16x16px-1)1101L58517206
Wolfhounds (Cincinnati, OH) (up-arrow-green-16x16px+1)1201L67103-36105
Dragons (Davenport, IA)(down-arrow-red-16x16px-1)1101W5563-8105
Blues (Kansas City, MO)(down-arrow-red-16x16px-3)1001W291910105
Scioto Valley (Columbus, OH)0303L58105-47112

* A bonus point is awarded for each match in which the team scores 4 tries or more. 

** A bonus point is awarded for each match in which the team loses by 7 or less.

Week 3 of the Men's Midwest Division 1 competition had just 3 matches and the script went exactly as we predicted last week

Cincinnati started strong on the road against the Lions and went ahead 12-0 early on. But a dangerous tackle (lifting and driving to the ground) at 23 minutes by the Wolfhounds halfback Matt Paki led to a red card. The Lions took advantage of extra man for the rest of the match and finished with a comfortable 43-19 win. The bonus-point win gives the Lions a firm grip on second place. Despite the loss, the Wolfhounds move up one place to fifth as an erratic bye schedule sees a wide variety in total games played across the division.

Scioto Valley were denied their first win of the season in a barn-burner on their home pitch against the Griffins. With a final score of 29-27, the Griffins jump a full four spots to 3rd place.

The Barbarians travelled to Minneapolis for a highly anticipated match against the 2013-2014 Midwest D1 champs. The fiercely contested match — which included a penalty try for the Barbarians — ended with a 36-26 victory for Metropolis. The third-straight bonus-point win for Metro puts them in the pole position with 15 points. The Barbarians received a bonus point and drop to fourth place. 

Week 4 preview (20-Sep-2014)

The Barbarians travel to Cincinnati to take on the Wolfhounds in a 4th vs. 5th place matchup. With Maki — a key starter for the Wolfhounds — likely receiving an 8-day suspension and thus being unavailable, the hosts will be understaffed. Prediction: the Barbarians will return to their winning ways.  

The Lions travel to Minneapolis in the first of a pair of tough matches (next week, they host the Blues in Chicago). The Lions are currently in second place but have yet to win on the road. Prediction: expect Metropolis to leverage their home field advantage and cruise to a comfortable win.

The Blues come off a 2-week hiatus and travel to Columbus to take on Scioto Valley. We expect the well-rested side to be strong in both attack and defense against the winless hosts. Prediction: bonus-point win for the Blues.

In the last match of the weekend, the Griffins host the Dragons who are coming off a bye week and will be well-rested and ready to travel. As we noted previously, Palmer are playing well home and away, while the Griffins in 3rd place have been less consistent. Prediction: the Dragons will pull out a narrow victory.

  • Wolfhounds (Home) vs. Barbarians
  • Metropolis (Home) vs. Lions
  • Scioto Valley (Home) vs. Blues
  • Griffins (Home) vs. Dragons

Scores, Week 3 (13-Sep-2014)

  • Lions (Home) 43 - 19 Wolfhounds
  • Metropolis (Home) 36 - 26 Barbarians
  • Scioto Valley (Home) 27 - 29 Griffins

Scores, Week 2 (6-Aug-2014)

  • Griffins (Home) 31 - 48 Metropolis
  • Palmer (Home) 36 - 34 Lions
  • Wolfhounds (Home) 36 - 17 Scioto Valley

Scores, Week 1 (30-Aug-2014)

  • Metropolis (Home) 43 - 12 Wolfhounds
  • Lions (Home) 40 - 14 Scioto Valley
  • Barbarians (Home) 32 - 15 Griffins
  • Blues (Home) 29 - 19 Dragons