1st Annual Wisconsin Brewing Company Brewery Tour

WBC tour 2015

We kicked off the new year with a bang and decided to rent a bus for the day and take a trip out to Vernona, WI to visit our friends at Wisconsin Brewing Company for a tour of their new facilities.

Things got kicked off early as about a dozen people showed up at the park-n-ride around 9am for some pregame beverages while we waited for the rest of the gang to show up. From there the rest of the crew assembled and we actually were able to head out close to our numerously reminded departure time.

Well most of us departed. Otto, maybe next time you will make sure to show up on time!

With about 50 people on the bus we were pretty much packed full and on our way to WBC.

We arrived and were met by a few more Barbos who met us there.

WBC makes a very strong first impression … the brewery is top notch! Everything was brand new and we were met with smiles — AND BEER — from the helpful staff. 

As everyone got their first dink we went in groups touring the facilities. We had great tour guides who gave us a detailed overview of how WBC came to be, their passion for beer and the legend that is Kirby Nelson (Brewmaster).

Once the tour ended we had time to enjoy a couple more beers, chow down some ‘za and enjoy ourselves before making our way back home.

WBC treated us with some roadies to enjoy on the bus ride back.

The ride back was much more eventful than the ride out (amazing what a few beers will do to you).

Thomas Kloiber kicked things off with some rugby songs. What appeared like it may be a Kloiber song off between Thomas and Joseph, quickly switched to a full on bus event as the Albert brothers took point and led a couple songs too. Before we knew it we were pulling back into the park-n-ride.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made this a great social event for the club and WBC. A huge shout-out goes to Todd Jarzyna from WBC for helping coordinate this event and making it a great time.

We look forward to many more events together in the coming years!


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