Week 6 preview - USA Rugby Men's Midwest (CR1) D1 2014-2015

Based on the week 5 standings, here are our predictions for week 6 (4-Oct-2014) of the Men's Division 1 in Competitive Region 1 (Midwest RFU). 

Metropolis (Home) vs. Scioto Valley

Metropolis have been very consistent thus far, and we don't expect that to change this week as the host Scioto Valley. That said, Scioto Valley played Metropolis to a 36-36 draw last season, and they have go to be hoping for something similar this weekend. Prediction: Metropolis by 12.

Blues (Home) vs. Wolfhounds

The Blues return home after 2 weeks on the road to host the Wolfhounds. Despite having a great result in week 5, we expect the hosts to be too much to handle. Prediction: Blues by 16.

Griffins (Home) vs. Lions

In the Chicago derby, the Griffins host the Lions. We expect the Lions to continue to play well and the Griffins to struggle. Prediction: Lions by 24.

Barbarians (Home) vs. Dragons

In what we expect to be the closest match of the weekend, the Barbarians host the Dragons in Milwaukee. At a neutral venue, this match would be too close to call but in Milwaukee, we give the Barbarians the nudge. Prediction: Barbarians by 5.