Week 7 preview - USA Rugby Men's Midwest (CR1) D1 2014-2015

Based on the week 6 standings, here are our predictions for week 7 (11-Oct-2014) of the Men's Division 1 in Competitive Region 1 (Midwest RFU). 

Lions (Home) vs. Barbarians

Milwaukee are on a hot streak right with 3 straight wins, a 4-1-0 record, and a dominant 59-19 performance on Saturday against the Dragons. In contrast, the Lions are batting .500 with just a narrow win over the Griffins in Chicago. Both teams need the win to stay in hunt for 2nd place.  Prediction: Barbarians by 10.

Blues (Home) vs. Metropolis

Metropolis head to Kansas City in a match-up of the 1st and 2nd place teams from the 2013-2014 season. The result is hard to predict with the Blues 2 matches behind Metropolis. In addition, questions remain about the availability of Metropolis' player/coach Nate Osborne who was recently named Assistant Coach for the American national team and missed week 6 while attending the Eagles selection camp. Prediction: Draw.

Wolfhound (Home) vs. Dragons

A week ago, I would have predicted a wide-margin win for the Dragons. But with the big loss to Milwaukee in week 6, a high injury report from the Dragons coach, and back-to-back road trips, I've got a feeling that the Wolfhounds are ready for an upset. Prediction: Wolfhounds by 5.

Scioto Valley & Griffins

Scioto Valley and Griffins are off this week.