The 100% FREE way to support rugby in Milwaukee

Recently, the Barbarians incorporated a tax-exempt non-profit called the Society for Cultivating Rugby Union Mastery or SCRUM.

The mission of SCRUM is to foster national and international rugby through continued development of the sport in the greater-Milwaukee area. 

As a non-profit, SCRUM is eligible to receive 0.5% from from all your purchases Amazon with absolutely ZERO cost or markup: prices remain identical but the club gets a little bit of every purchase you make.

Contributing to SCRUM is very simple: just use smile.amazon.com. Remember, the prices are identical to amazon.com. 

Support us on Amazon Smile

Once you’ve selected SCRUM as your charity, you’ll always see it selected just below the search bar on Amazon Smile.

amazon smile preview

To ensure that you always use Amazon Smile we recommend installing a browser plugin to make sure you are always on Amazon Smile. They are available for both Firefox and Chrome.

If you shop mostly with the Amazon App on your phone, we recommend adding all your items to your cart then checking out in your browser at smile.amazon.com.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to set up your browser for Amazon Smile and thank-you in advance for supporting local rugby!