How to watch Six Nations rugby in Milwaukee

For the last decade, most Saturdays in February and March were marked by an early-morning pilgrimage by scores of rugby fans to the Irish Pub in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Patrons arriving as early as 8:00 AM made the trek to take in the glory of the greatest rugby championship outside the world cup — the Six Nations — in the company of friends and teammates.

But the Six Nations is a strictly-licensed and expensive event to show in a commercial setting, and this year the Irish Pub made the difficult decision to not broadcast the Championship.

However, through the power of the Internet, there are now a great many options for viewing rugby at home.

Of the six different ways listed, EverSport (Option 3) is the best, completely legitimate choice. However, it carries a large price tag of $20/match or $120 for the entire Championship. 

For the more cost-conscious, streaming UK television channels (Option 1) is the most reliable and will cost you as little as $14 for the entire Championship. 

For those who want free access, there are less scrupulous choices, but you had better be prepared for either poor quality, delays, and/or spam and malware.