Barbarians Rugby Store

Sustaining Supporter

every Month

Sustaining sponsorships include a number of benefits as shown in the table below.​

Name listed on website check green
Aftermatch food + Drink check green
Voting Privileges check green
Annual gift/unique club item* check green
Tax Deduction** check green
Indoor touch rugby fees x red
Contact rugby fees x red
Company link on website x red
Apparel discount x red
Ticket(s) to Annual Awards Banquet*** x red
Tournament Entry Fees**** x red
Monthly Cost $10/mo

*Gift value will not be less than the cost of one month of subscription fees.
**Tax decudtion will be approximately 70% of the subscription fees paid in the given tax year. All members will receive a tax receipt with the exact amount.
***Limited to 2 tickets.
****Number of tournaments for which the entry fee will be waived.