Player Memberships

Please select a plan that suits your budget and/or student status.

Non-players & alumni who wish to support the club should sign up here.


$ 20 /mo

Ideal for students

  • Match eligibility1
  • Referee & venue fees
  • Post-match meals
  • Tax deduction2


$ 30 /mo

Ideal for most players

  • Match eligibility1
  • Referee & venue fees
  • Post-match meals
  • Tax deduction2


$ 60 /mo

The ultimate flex

  • Everything in Player
  • Club email account
  • Website on sponsor page3
  • 1 free banquet ticket

Why become a Player Member?

Player memberships are required to represent the Barbarians in league matches. Each membership includes a specific set of benefits as shown above.

What are referee and venue fees?

Each match we play requires a number of paid services such as venue rentals, referee services, and athletic trainers.

Player Memberships are used to offset these costs.

What is included in post-match refreshments?

Following all home fixtures, the club will provide a meal and refreshments to players from both teams. A typical meal might be a brats/burgers, side salad, fruit, and chips. Drinks available are typically water and draft beer.

Player Memberships are used to offset the food/beverage costs.

1. Only students are eligible for this plan. A valid student ID will be required to purchase this plan.
2. Tax deduction will be approximately 70% of the subscription fees paid in the given tax year. All members will receive a tax receipt with the exact amount.
3. We reserve the right to only publish links to websites “in good taste” (Eg. gambling and adult websites are not acceptable.). These will be approved on a case-by-case basis.