Quins axe Woodsmen on the road.

We traveled to the Woodsmen with 29 players and the expectation of our toughest competition of the spring. The Woodsmen were undefeated and from all reports had a strong forward pack with a weapon at number 8 and a backline to finish the task. We fielded a starting team with changes in the forwards and backs from the previous Saturday, an indication that starting spots on the team are becoming hotter commodities.

The ingredient that is becoming a common staple in our team make up is confidence. 20 minutes into the game leading 5-3, there was no frustration from the lack of points on the scoreboard. Our lone try, the product of a controlled maul after a series of backline movements demonstrated that we were not a one-dimensional team and would exploit every hole in the defense we could. We had opportunities to convert possession into points only to have a missed pass or knock forward thwart us. The forward pack had begun to wear the opposition down with controlled scrumming and tight defense at the scrums and rucks. The woodman number eight was having an unsuccessful time making the gain line from scrums and their back line was contending with rushed passing from the base of the rucks.

The continued pressure on defense paid dividends in the last 10 minutes of the half, as more opportunities opened in the Woodmen’s defense and we were able to capitalize on breaks in the line and great support running, resulting in two tries and a half time score of 22-3. 

Danger!! Will Robinson Danger!!, The Harlequins MO is to come out soft in the second half and take the first 10 minutes to get back in the flow. We can scratch that one from the playbook now as well. The team came and out and met the Woodsmen with the same controlled intensity we had displayed in the first half and were rewarded early with another try. The story of the second half revealed, we are capable of executing an intelligent game plan for long periods of play but also are still susceptible to easing off and allowed the Woodsmen back into the game. The Woodsmen were frustrated with the speed and flow of the game but were eager to get into the try zone themselves and were rewarded with a couple of tries in the last 20 minutes to have a final score of 48-20.

The 2nd game was the same story, with different characters. As a coach, the is exciting for the simple fact that we are all on the same page and believe in the style of play we want to be known for. There was no less talent, intensity and intelligent rugby on display in the game.

The match was highlighted by long passages of phase-rugby, clean rucks and a first-half push-over try from a 5 metre line-out.  Unfortunately due to a safety reasons the referee went to uncontested scrums. This was frustrating for the forward pack but they refocused themselves and committed to having their presence felt In the rucks, mauls and any opportunity in between.

The Woodsmen, with the help of players from the Chicago Japanese club played hard and took advantage of any opportunity with a final score of 47-17. As noted above, this was a near mirror image of the first game.

I want to thank the Woodsmen for a good day of Rugby and express our thanks that they sacrificed a starting player in order for us to have a referee for the game. He did a great job for someone who had started the afternoon looking forward to playing, not refereeing.

Lets see everyone Tuesday and Thursday.

Men of the Match: 1st XV, Leon Kendricks; 2nd XV, Craig Mattson

Scoring Summary

1st XV

  • First Half
    •  5-0  11:49  Rob Jacobs try, unconverted
    •  5-3  20:04  Woodsmen Penalty
    •  8-3  38:58  Romain Vende’ penalty
    • 15-3  41:56  Leon Kendricks try, Vende’ converted
    • 22-3  43:49  Mark Fine try, Vende’ converted
  • Second Half
    • 29-3  16:05  Vende’ try, Vende’ converted
    • 36-3  21:17  Dom Singleton try, Vende’ converted
    • 36-8  23:38  Woodsmen try, unconverted
    • 43-8  29:42  Fine try, Vende’ converted
    • 43-15 33:03  Woodsmen try, converted
    • 48-15 36:15  Vende’ try, unconverted
    • 48-20 39:22  Woodsmen try, unconverted

2nd XV

  • First Half
    •  5-0  05:41  Mike Hoffenberg try, unconverted
    • 10-0  23:18  Matt Gordon try, unconverted
    • 10-5  26:59  Woodsmen try, unconverted
    • 15-5  32:55  JP Kloiber try, unconverted
  • Second Half
    • 15-10 03:10  Woodsmen try, unconverted
    • 20-10 05:01  Dom Singleton try, unconverted
    • 27-10 06:58  Singleton try, Vince Kelly converted
    • 34-10 12:03  Singleton try, Jason Heid converted
    • 39-10 15:34  Vic Drover try, unconverted
    • 46-10 23:45  Heid try, Heid converted
    • 46-17 29:03  Woodsmen try, converted
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Mike Loader
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