Logo, crest & colors

The official brand guide for the Milwaukee Barbarians.

The Barbarians logo contains two symbols: the gear, a callback to Milwaukee’s rich manufacturing history as showcased on the city’s flag, and a barbarian-style hammer.

The logo is used as the primary brand mark for the Milwaukee Barbarians as it can easily be recognized from a distance and clearly reproduced at any size.

Milwaukee Rugby Logo
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The Crest

In addition to the logo, the Barbarians also have an official crest. The crest contains a number of elements:

  • The Fleur-de-lis in the top-right corner is a symbol of Milwaukee’s French heritage and is pulled from the MRFC crest in honor of Milwaukee RFC.
  • The jester hat in the bottom-right represents the Westside Harlequins and their well-known mascot.
  • MMXII in the top-left is 2012 in Roman numerals – the historic year our club was established.
  • The bottom-left is a rugby ball.
  • The stalks of barley on either side of the shield symbolize Milwaukee’s brewing history.
Milwaukee Rugby Crest
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Milwaukee Barbarians Rugby Crest Monochrome
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Here are the official colors of the Milwaukee Barbarians:

Cornfield BlueCornfield Blue#5381AC646 C
NavyNavy#041E42282 C
WheatWheat#F1B434143 C

Archived logos

Below you’ll find other logos and artwork we’ve used in the past.

Milwaukee West Side Harlequins Logo
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Original Harlequin
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