Crosstown rivalry results in close contest.

Expectations for the game were high, the fact one team is division one and the other is not, meant nothing. Over the years the cross town rivalry, has really changed. The Westside Harlequins are only west in name, not location. Having players from as far south as Kenosha IL as far west as lake Mills and north as Fond du lac. NO, both teams recruit from the same areas and both have the same desire , to play the highest level of rugby possible.

Milwaukee as a city is becoming familiar with rugby and the day was meant to be a celebration of that. Unfortunately the result on the field was not one the harlequins could celebrate.

The game was played hard by both teams and each demonstrated great defensive stands and moments of penetrating offense.

At the end of the day the Black and White were able to celebrate a 10 -8 victory.

Mike Loader
Mike Loader
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