Milwaukee struggles to contain Sharks offense.

Milwaukee hosted the Sharks (Wisconsin Rugby Club) on Saturday in a Division 3 match at Zablocki Park.

Although the Sharks drew first blood early, scoring at the 5-minute mark, Milwaukee took control for much of the first half and enjoyed a 15-7 lead after tries from Petfalski (shown above), Hackett, and Kloiber. 

But with one minute remaining, the Sharks struck back and narrowed the lead to just a single point. At the half, Milwaukee lead 15-14.

In the second half, the Sharks again scored first to take the lead for the second time in the match, a lead they would not relinquish.

Milwaukee continued to battle and after 73 minutes the match was separated by just a try with the Sharks up 34-27.

But the Sharks found another gear and closed out the match with a pair of tries. At the final whistle, the visitors were victorious 44-27.


Match Stream

5′TR scoreWISC35 – 0Team score
5′CV scoreWISC37 – 0Team score
12′TR scoreMIL37 – 5#10 – Petfalski, Jeremy
28′TR scoreMIL37 – 10#7 – Hackett, Robert
30′TR scoreMIL37 – 15#2 – Kloiber, Thomas
39′TR scoreWISC312 – 15Team score
39′CV scoreWISC314 – 15Team score
45′TR scoreWISC319 – 15Team score
55′TR scoreWISC324 – 15Team score
55′CV scoreWISC326 – 15Team score
60′PK scoreWISC329 – 15Team score
70′TR scoreMIL329 – 20#10 – Petfalski, Jeremy
70′CV scoreMIL329 – 22#10 – Petfalski, Jeremy
72′TR scoreWISC334 – 22Team score
73′TR scoreMIL334 – 27#6 – Egan, Michael
75′TR scoreWISC339 – 27Team score
79′TR scoreWISC344 – 27Team score
Vic Drover
Vic Drover

Vic has a long history in and around the sport of rugby both in Canada and the US. He has played for and started numerous clubs (Vandal's RFC, Strathcona Druids, Suffolk Bull Moose, West Side Harlequins, Milwaukee Barbarians, Hamilton Girls Rugby), and served many roles over the years at all administrative levels. Vic joined the Harlequins in 2007 and remained an active club member through the transition to the Barbarians. These days, he spends his rugby time playing tag rugby and touring with the Old Boys, keeping the club website updated, helping organize the Lakefront 7s, and fundraising.

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