Barbarians open division 3 season with 2-0 record.

Today the Milwaukee Babarians notched up a second consecutive victory this season in a physical encounter at home against LPRFC (Lincoln Park, IL). 

The match started out with a dominant opening by the hosts. However, after spending 3 minutes deep in LPRFC territory, a handling error led to an turnover. LPRFC immediately capitalized with a long-range try.

Milwaukee responded quickly with 2 tires in 2 minutes and after eight minutes lead 14-7.

The home-side never let go of the lead despite losing starting prop Elsner with a deep laceration at the nineteen-minute mark. Constant pressure, and converting LPRFC errors into points gave Milwaukee a wide 27-7 Cushion with 28 minutes remaining on the clock. 

While the match tightened up towards the end as Milwaukee cleared their bench, each team scored again, with the highlight of the day coming from Milwaukee’s outside center Trevor Herguert. 

A well-positioned second-row Ben Nirschl chip-kicked a well-weighted ball into the in-goal area where Herguert touched down for the 5th Milwaukee try of the day.

At the final whistle, the score was 34-14 for the Barbarians. The win puts the Milwaukee rugby team in second place in a Divsion currently dominated by Milwaukee-based teams.

An experience for the rookies

With a number of Division 3 players getting the call-up to Division 1, the match was a chance for some of the Barbarians rookies to get their first match experience including Adam Borkhus, Zack Frankowski, and Kyle Courtier.

The match was also a first for our new Assistant Coach Joe Birdsall.  

Game Stream

3′ LP Try 5-0
4′ LP C 7-0
5′ Mil T 7-5 Kloiber, Thomas
6′ Mil C 7-7 Price
7′ Mil T 7-12 Hergurt
8′ Mil C 7-14 Price
19′ Mil SUB Elsner >> McAlister
29′ Mil P 7-17 Price
33′ Mil T 7-22 Fendryk
52′ Mil T 7-27 Abt
63′ LP T 12-27
64′ LP C 14-27
66′ Mil SUB Chini >> Garcia
68′ Mil SUB Loessin >> Frankowski
75′ Mil SUB Rapé >> Borkus
75 Mil SUB Nirschl >> Courtier
77′ Mil T 14-32 Herguert
78′ Mil C 14-34 Zak Price


1. Joseph Kloiber
2. Jared Abt
3. Jake Elsner
4. Ben Nirschl
5. Court Rapé
6. David Gray
7. Randy Fendryk
8. Matt Wozniak
9. Thomas Kloiber
10. John Hickey
11. Todd Chini
12. Zak Price
13. Trevor Herguert
14. Travis Loessin
15. Mark Tobin
16. Kyle Courtier
17. Adam Borkhus
18. Thomas McAllister
21. Zack Frankowski
22. Joe Garcia

Vic Drover
Vic Drover

Vic has a long history in and around the sport of rugby both in Canada and the US. He has played for and started numerous clubs (Vandal's RFC, Strathcona Druids, Suffolk Bull Moose, West Side Harlequins, Milwaukee Barbarians, Hamilton Girls Rugby), and served many roles over the years at all administrative levels. Vic joined the Harlequins in 2007 and remained an active club member through the transition to the Barbarians. These days, he spends his rugby time playing tag rugby and touring with the Old Boys, keeping the club website updated, helping organize the Lakefront 7s, and fundraising.

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